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Life | 29 July 2020

The Fat of the Land


The mass consumption of animals has a deep, underlying presence in our current troubles, from the role factory farming plays in increasing the likelihood of pandemic outbreaks to the panic buying of meat products as a fear response. So it's timely to consider how disconnected we are from the origins of the food we eat. This Broadsheet piece, published six years ago, profiles self-sufficiency advocate Rohan Anderson and his push for a more honest approach to the food that sustains us.

I’m standing in Rohan Anderson’s paddock, holding a small rabbit that two minutes earlier was enjoying being alive. It is now bloody, lifeless and missing half its face.

Anderson approvingly calls the animal he just shot a, “New-season rabbit.” But from what I can see that’s just a nicer way of saying “baby bunny”.

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Stories for Good | 22 June 2020

The Fireside Story


“The cobbler’s children always have the worst shoes” is an old adage that we think about a lot here at Fireside … because we’re determined to ensure it doesn’t apply to us. So many people who are great at a thing forget to apply those skills to themselves. With that in mind, we recently sat down and poured our narrative out onto a blank page. The end result: our story of who we are, how we fit into the world and why people should engage with us. If you want to know what makes Fireside tick, this is a great place to start.

Growing up in a struggling, single-parent family in Maryborough, central Victoria, Fireside founder Ben Hart found refuge in stories. In primary school he wrote epic tales of adventure in the classroom, featuring knights and dragons. At home, a deep interest in politics and current affairs - stories about the world - was seeded early by a mother who always had ABC news playing in the background and copies of The Age spread across the kitchen table.

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Raising four boys by yourself required planning and discipline. Ros Hart pictured with her kids.
Partners & Friends | 20.06.20
A lot of us are having to get by with less money at the moment. Even if you’re doing ok, there’s probably been some forced belt tightening. It made...
A woman stretches in peace.
Feature Story
Life | 20.06.20
Whenever the challenges of living with a teenager in lockdown threaten to become overwhelming, it helps to think about my local greengrocer.

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