Oxfam Australia needed a powerful climate justice narrative to explain why those who’ve contributed the least to climate change shouldn’t have to shoulder its greatest burdens. To create this narrative, Fireside worked with Oxfam to identify the storytelling components likely to resonate most effectively, then tested those elements with a series of external focus groups to determine which messages worked with different audiences.

This research yielded vital insights into the kinds of narratives that would successfully explain climate justice to Australians, highlight Oxfam’s credentials as the organisation best equipped to address the problem, and prompt action to support Oxfam’s work (for example, by donating and supporting public campaigns).

The result? Oxfam Australia now has a unified, organisation-wide climate justice story, with targeted key messages tailored to those who are already climate engaged, those who aren’t, and existing supporters. Oxfam is now rolling these messages out across its fundraising, media and advocacy activities.

Listen to Fireside founder Ben Hart discuss the project, and the climate communication insights it yielded, with Oxfam’s Nina Crawley in a special episode of the StoryCraft podcast.