Two Bulls engaged Fireside to help unearth its authentic story – one that was both compelling and had buy-in from staff, clients and supporters. Turned off by the flashy overpromising of some of their competitors, Two Bulls’ founders have always been content to let the work do the talking. But in late 2019, they decided it was time to tell their story with greater confidence and clarity - in order to better fulfil their purpose of helping more companies utilise technology to meet today’s economic challenges.

Born in 2009 when its founders came together to create a ground breaking augmented reality mobile phone app for kids called Hidden Park, the company has in the decade since been busy applying the same curiosity, insight, and ability to look over the horizon to solve the unique digital challenges their clients bring to them.

Today, these clients include some of the world’s biggest media companies, mental health Not-For-Profits, government departments and legacy businesses seeking to combat the threat of disruption.

Fireside held a workshop, attended by senior staff from Melbourne and New York and the new Two Bulls Story was signed off in March. Fireside has also assisted Two Bulls in getting this story told in the Australian business media.