In 2019, Fireside was engaged to help Nightingale Housing develop a clearer story about how its award-winning model revolutionises the way we live together by creating beautifully-designed, carbon neutral homes that are more affordable than conventionally-built apartments and foster vibrant communities.

Fireside conducted a deep dive into the model, focusing on the experience of current residents to unearth human stories about how living in a Nightingale building addressed many of the concerns currently inherent in apartment living.

The result was the Nightingale Housing Story, which has been harnessed to help create new storytelling vehicles like the video below which, among other uses, will be shown to prospective purchasers – giving them a better understanding of the values and outcomes they are buying into.

Since completing this initial work, Fireside has also been engaged by Nightingale Housing on an as-needed basis to help tell its story of purpose and impact via the organisation’s media relations and strategic advocacy activities.