With smaller arts organisations across the nation under threat due to rising rents, Gertrude Contemporary approached Fireside in 2018 to help develop an organisational narrative and provide advice about how that story could be used to gain support to secure their future by purchasing a permanent home.

In developing this narrative, Fireside interviewed key internal and external figures – including board members, staff, artists and former leaders - to get their views on what the Gertrude Contemporary story had been to this point, and what it should be in the future.

These interviews, as well as desktop research resulted in the development of a Master Narrative that seeks to highlight Gertrude Contemporary’s status as a cherished institution in the contemporary arts sector and broader Melbourne community, while at the same time clearly setting out the risks if no action is taken.

Fireside also developed strategic advocacy advice to sit alongside the Master Narrative, providing guidance about how to most effectively utilise their story in targeting key audiences. We also applied the new Master Narrative to the task of editing Gertrude Contemporary’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.