When your business is helping organisations navigate systems change and complexity, the process of achieving that can in itself be quite complex and difficult to describe. That’s one of the main reasons Victoria Thom turned to Fireside to help her nail down the story of what her consultancy does, and why it does it.

At the heart of Synergy2030’s offering is the idea that the territory between business, government, non-profits and communities is converging. At the intersections are shared and complex problems such as inequality, poverty and the climate crisis, and everyone has a role to play in addressing them. Synergy2030’s philosophy is that complex problems are best solved through collaboration between diverse stakeholders. It recognises that it is only through a principled approach to partnership and collaboration that we can implement transformative systems change, because it creates space for all actors to work through conflicts and generate value.

Victoria, considered one of Australia’s leading social impact strategists and partnership brokers, wanted a clear way of describing what she does to potential clients. Her offering is highly tailored to each client’s needs and context and includes strategic advisory, capability building and collaborative set pieces. No two engagements are ever the same, so drawing out the essential Synergy2030 narrative was a great storytelling challenge.

Fireside sat down with Victoria over hours to discuss the mechanics of her work and interviewed a range of people who had worked with Synergy2030 and benefited from Victoria’s considerable expertise. The result: a unified story which, like Victoria herself, finds clarity in the complexity and is being used as the basis of a new website and new brand for the consultancy.